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NEW SHOW ALERT! 04/02/10: Daughters of Fission/Ziroh/Hellas Mounds/Juarez

March 4th, 2010 · No Comments · Events

The music of Daughters of Fission resonates an emotionally driven sound that can alternately breeze in, rupture and roll, and fulminate into eclectic thunderbolts. Collectively, the band members express their beliefs and feelings through the music they create. Their emotional range travels from soothingly gentle to aggressively propulsive. Some of the songs express and explore personal encounters with universal conditions such as love, death, and the nature of reality and existence. Each selection on the debut album, Abandonatomy, offers a varied experience for the listener. The tracks off of the new upcoming (6/6/08) release “M.O.T.H.” take this variance to a higher plane. Further exploring new aural vistas, many of the new songs tread far beyond traditionally accepted radio lengths and twist genres far beyond the allowance of most formats. They remain however, as testament to their unwielding defiance of “the norm”. Instead of boring you with senseless personal blah blah, this Phx based band prefers to let their music speak for itself.

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