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BOOKING! (bands please read):

The Hollywood Alley site should not used for booking inquiries. All booking should be done via email hollywoodalley AT gmail DOT com .

Forwarding your MySpace page or Sonicbids EPK is recommended.  Please do not come by Hollywood Alley with a CD on a busy weekend night asking for a show. We are very lenient on booking new bands, but talking our ear off about your band while we are trying to make money with customers may help us forget about your show request. Thank you for understanding.

We do have a few outside promoters who book at Hollywood Alley that specialize in specific genres. If you fall within these genres you should go ahead and contact them through their myspace page.

Garage/Indie Rock:  Starting in 2008, Vil Vodka will be booking more frequently again.  He is the Saturday night resident bartender and was the man behind the Gimme Danger shows from ’05 and ’08.  He books under his company name Vodka Tonic Media/Anti-Snob.com and can be reached here: http://www.myspace.com/vodkatonicmedia

Punk Rock:  Our favorite punk rock promoter in the 21+ scene is Johnny Volume of ETC. He also books at other venues throughout town.
Johnny Volume (Banned in Tempe and ETC Promotions): http://www.myspace.com/etcpromotions

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