Hollywood Alley


Hollywood Alley Beer Menu

Check out the extensive Hollywood Alley Beer Menu! Figure out what you want to drink before you get here!

In Bottles

AmberBock Franziskaner Hefe Pabst Blue Ribbon
Amstel Light Guinness Pilsner Urquell
Bass Harp Lager Red Stripe
Blue Moon Heineken Rolling Rock
Bass MGD Sam Adams
Boddington's Pub Ale Michelob Sam Adams Cherry Wheat
Bud Light Michelob Ultra Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout
Budweiser Miller High Life Sierra Nevada
Coors Miller Lite Smirnoff Ice
Coors Light Modelo Especial Smithwick's
Corona Negor Modelo St. Pauli Girl
Dale's Pale Ale Newcastle Stella Artois
Dos Equis Odell Cutthroat Porter Stone IPA
Fat Tire Old Club Ale Strongbow Dry Cider
Old Milwaukee N/A

On Draft

Bud Light Blue Moon
Budweiser Humbolt Hemp Ale Newcastle
Coors Light Four Peaks 8th Street Ale Pabst Blue Ribbon
Miller Lite
Four Peaks Kilt Lifter
Rolling Rock
Ace Pear Cider
Santan Hefeweizen
American Bud Ale Heineken Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Bass Michelob Ultra Stella Artois

Rated G
Soft Drinks

7-Up Cranberry Juice Orange Juice
A&W Root Beer Fresh Brewed Coffee Pineapple Juice
Arizona Green Tea Gatorade Rock Star Energy Drink
Arnold Palmer Grapefruit Juice Spring Water
Canada Dry Iced Tea Strawberry Soda
Coke Lemonade Sunkist Orange Soda

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