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NEW SHOW ALERT! 05/22/10: Lovemound/Graceful Degradation/Bitter Allegiance/Welfare Junkies

May 20th, 2010 · No Comments · Events

Formed in 2006, Bitter Allegiance exists with the single goal of creating and playing music that inspires the masses….you know….the kind of inspiration that makes you want to drive fast, listen to your music way too loud, rob liquor stores, punch the jerkoff who thinks he’s better than you, party with the neighbor’s daughter, and wake up hung over missing your pants. We’re loud, raw, in your face, and we’ll play a gig standing in front of the gates of Hell if there’s a fan there who wants to see us. Our original material is a hybrid of raw punk-rock energy with a dash of metal to get stuck in your teeth. Our covers are fast and dirty salutes to the bands whose music still inspires us today. Enough talk, on with the show!

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